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Private Training

Private training is a great option for many dogs and humans.

Private lessons are available to help resolve challenging behaviors, work on specific skills, and get 1 on 1 personal attention to set goals for a well mannered confident dog. Our private lessons are tailored to accommodate dogs of all ages and skill levels. During the lessons, our certified dog trainers work with you to address any specific training challenges or concerns. Private training is either done at your house, our facility, or a local park.  Here are some examples of things that can be worked on in private lessons:

  • Biting, growling, or other aggressive behavior towards dogs and people

  • Growling/biting to protect toys, food, bones, etc. (resource guarding)

  • Fighting with other dogs (in the family or elsewhere)

  • Aggression, frustration, or reactivity toward other dogs on leash

  • Separation Anxiety, destruction, or other trouble being home alone

  • Fearful behaviors

  • Demand barking or barking in the car

  • Pulling on leash, jumping up, not coming when called, etc.

  • Basic Skills  (sit, down, stay, loose leash walking, focusing around distractions)

  • Trouble with grooming, vet visits, or body handling

  • Crate or car aversion

  • Pulling on leash, jumping up, not coming when called, etc.

  • Help with establishing a routine when bringing a puppy into the home

  • Positive puppy exploration of new places

  • Puppy biting, jumping, arousal control

  • Loose leash walking skills and focusing around distractions

  • Leave it, drop it, counter surfing, mat/settle work

  • Help shy puppies build confidence with new environments or people

Number of lessons
In Home
In Home
In Home

*Additional cost for mileage.

Contact Kim D. to set up private training

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