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Satisfied Owners. Happier Pets.

"When we brought home a bouncing baby boy toy Australian shepherd it wasn’t long before we knew we needed help. Everyone we met and everything we read said that this was a strong headed breed that needed discipline or get ready for the pup to rule the home. I began by calling Kim Dailey the trainer. Eli, our baby was only 9wk old and hadn’t had all his shots so he wasn’t allowed to attend class at the facility with the other dogs at that time, so I called Kim. She came to our home and worked with Eli and myself for an hour. Initially, I wasn’t going to do private lessons but after meeting Kim and watching her work with Eli I was sold out. She was wonderful and she has a way with animals that is just amazing. Any questions or concerns I had she answered and she would go over training techniques over and over again if necessary. We worked not only on the basics like sit and come but also fun stuff like tricks, jumps and running through tunnels. After our private lessons were over I enrolled Eli in the basic class at the k9 Korral. Even though much of the material is the same, it is a totally different experience with all the other dogs. I would recommend to anyone who desires a successful experience training their pet to call Kim. I’m so glad I did.

Helen Howard ~ Granite Falls

Thanks again for taking such good care of our Pitties this past weekend.  Sydney (15 1/2), Carlos(5) and Roxy(2) love it when you come stay with them.   I know they are always in good hands when you care for them.    I really appreciate the little updates you send us.  Knowing we don’t have to worry for a second when we are away is priceless.  Especially with Sydney having heart issues and needing daily meds.  I never hesitate to recommend you to anyone looking for a trainer or pet sitter.

Karen Harnish - Lake Stevens

When I met Kim, I had recently suffered a mild traumatic brain injury, which changed and affected my life and my ability to function in many ways. My dog, Maylee, is a German shepherd rescue dog, around 5 years old. Prior to my injury, she had been a regular household pet. After my brain injury, Maylee naturally became my support in many ways.I had an upcoming trip to the east coast planned for visiting family over the holidays. One of my care providers recommended that I have Maylee travel with me as a support animal onboard the inside of the plane cabin.Maylee knew all her basic commands, but in public, she was very excitable and difficult to manage or get her to listen. That’s when I called Kim.Kim came out to my house and did an initial evaluation of Maylee, and started teaching me how to work with my dog right away. We started meeting for private lessons and “working” in public places. Kim would lead with her dog, Walter, and Maylee and I would follow their example. With Kim’s guidance, I came to understand that Maylee was very smart and capable; I just had to learn how to handle her and direct her with confidence, commands, and positive reinforcement.Not only that, but working with my dog became part of my cognitive therapy for my brain injury. Kim was helping me in more ways than she realized!Kim is very knowledgeable, out-going, positive, and encouraging. In just 6 private lessons, Maylee and I were transformed into an effective dog and handler team.My husband, who was doubtful that it was possible, was very impressed with the outcome and our abilities. When the day came for air travel, not only was Maylee impressively well-behaved, she was a huge support to me during a very stressful situation for a brain injured person.Maylee now has her Canine Good Citizen certification, and I hope to continue with the training to make Maylee my service dog. For example, Maylee can now accompany me on the bus, offering me support and helping me get to my doctor’s appointments in Seattle.Thank you Kim!

Mary Wood - Granite Falls

As a teacher I had the great fortune to spend a full summer with my new puppy before having to return to work. As August approached and the school year loomed in front of me I began to panic. What would I do with my high energy puppy each day? Who could I trust to give him the love, attention and training he needed? I was taking a class through a wonderful trainer and admired the patient, joyful and knowledgeable way she approached her work, so I asked if she offered walking services. Lucky me, she did!!!

Kim is a life saver. It is hard to turn your house keys over to anyone but with Kim I never worry. I feel confident that she is doing right by my puppy boy, Finnigan. She texts me often on walk days, sending little photos or writing notes to let me know how he’s doing. She genuinely loves my dog and goes above and beyond for him and me.

I’ve taken multiple classes with Kim as well. As a teacher myself I can be highly critical of other’s teaching, but she is amazing. She gives personal attention to all the students in her class (whether they have four legs or two). She is always available with advice, tips and to be a sounding board. I’ve watched as she’s helped young and old, tiny dogs and huge dogs, new and experienced dog owners alike to be confident and successful in their training.

  So if you are looking for a responsible, caring, knowledge and trustworthy person for your dog walking and training needs you found her in Kim. I'm so glad I found her and I know Finnigan is too!

Aurora Everhart - Lake Stevens

Kim is such a blessing to our whole family.  She makes it so much easier for us to work and be away from our furbabies since she comes to our home for midday pet sitting visits four days a week.  Kim always goes above and beyond the call of duty and our lives would be so much more difficult without her. Both of our huskies just love her, as do we. We highly recommend her for any pet sitting or training needs.

Tiffany & Jesse Williams - Lake Stevens

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