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Kim Dailey
(Owner of Lake Stevens K9 Academy)

My love and passion for animals started at a young age. My 1st dog was Chelsea a very sweet golden retriever. We took obedience classes at the community education program. A love for dog training was sparked in me and we continued and sought out more advanced classes with Joan Fetty positive dog training.  There I would build my foundation I use today. 


I continued training dogs within her program for many years with my German Shepherd Sasha.


I've taken handling courses, earned therapy dog status and volunteered with my Mastiff Edward for many years with the Reading with Rover program. 


My behavior modification seminar with The Animal Behavior Clinic with

CHRISTOPHER PACHEL, DVM, DACVB, CABC that I attended has helped me understand dog behavior more and helping fear based dog's is a specialty of mine. 


My hands on training for more than 30 year's has earned recognition in confirmation, obedience and therapy dog. I am certified with AKC in Canine Good Citizen,  CGCA, Star Puppy and am a Farm Dog Judge. 


I ran and built Lake Stevens K9 Academy LLC starting with offering community education dog training classes within the lake Stevens school district for almost 20 year's.  Now we offer many classes at our training facility in downtown Lake Stevens.  


I have owned, loved and trained many breeds to include Rottweilers, English Mastiffs, Australian Shepherds,  Bulldogs, German Shepherds,  Black Russian Terriers and Pugs. This diverse group has helped me understand the importance of really seeing the dog in front of me and learning to work with the individual dog's needs. 


My hope as a trainer is to help you have a well mannered dog out in public and at home. 

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