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Kim H.

All my life I have had an inherent love for animals, especially dogs. 


This love for helping dogs led me to running a very large breed specific dog rescue for more than 11 years.  During my tenure there I fostered more than 40 dogs in my home, learning to work through mild to severe behavioral issues.  In addition to fostering, I was responsible for the hundreds of dogs that came through my rescue annually, often helping fosters with behavior issues, evaluating dogs coming into rescue and dogs that were already in rescue.  I decided it was time to take my passion to the next level so I attended the NW School of Canine Studies, where I dove head first into canine behavior studies, learning how to take a positive approach to behavior modification.  Upon completion of the CCS program, I enrolled in ABCT program, earning my training certification. I have been diligent about educating myself in all aspects of training; physiology, behavior, and animal sciences.


I take a relationship-based approach to training, which is a method of training that uses the cooperative relationship between the trainer and the animal to achieve mutually beneficial results, while at the same time enhancing and strengthening their relationship. Together we will learn how to accurately interpret your dog's body language, find out what motivates your dog, and we will use it to your advantage, and use positive reinforcement to encourage the behavior you want. My goal is to help my clients achieve harmonious, enjoyable lives with their dogs.  Isn’t that what we dream of when we adopt a puppy or dog?  A well-behaved dog can do more, enjoy more in life, and have more fun!


Currently I share my home with 2 amazing Boxers and a goofy French Bully who enrich my life on a daily basis.

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