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Group Classes

All Classes held at :  2720 Hartford Dr., Lake Stevens

Our Group Training Classes are designed to help your furry friend reach their full potential. Our classes are tailored to accommodate dogs of all ages and skill levels.

We offer a variety of classes that can be viewed in our course list below, including obedience training, trick training, and more. All classes require pre-registration, which can be done by using register here button. 

Please note that our group classes are six weeks and run for 50 minutes to ensure the safety of all participants. Our facility offers indoor space with heating and rubber mat flooring to ensure your dog's comfort.

Course List

  • Puppy Training

  • Basic Training

  • Intermediate Training

  • Advanced Training

  • Canine Good Citizen Training

  • Trick Dog Training

  • Farm Dog Training

  • Nose Work Training


Private Classes

Private lessons are available for individualized training sessions that cater to your dog's specific needs. Similar to our group training classes, our private lessons can be tailored to accommodate dogs of all ages and skill levels. 

During the lessons, our certified dog trainers work with you and your furry friend to address any specific training issues or concerns. Private lessons can take place in your home, at our facility, or in a park or trail.

To schedule a private lesson, please call/text 425-772-0768 or email Please note that an additional mileage fee applies if the location is more than 10 miles away from our training facility.

1 hour lessons $120 / series of 3 for $345 / series of 6 for $690


Puppy Manners

Our Puppy Manners class is perfect for puppies between the ages of 3 to 7 months. This class is designed to establish the basic foundations of obedience training by teaching essential commands such as OFF, SIT, DOWN, STAY, WAIT, and COME when called, as well as loose leash walking.

In addition to obedience training, we will also focus on socializing your puppy with other puppies, people, sights, and sounds. Our class expectations are age-appropriate and aimed at providing a fun and positive learning experience for both you and your furry friend.

Please note that puppies must have completed two rounds of vaccinations/shots, including the Bordetella/kennel cough vaccine, before participating in the class. Additionally, must have completed the 2nd series of puppy vaccinations.

Please note that if your dog has issues with excessive barking or aggression, private lessons may be a more suitable option.

To register your puppy for our Puppy Manners class use Register Here link.

 We look forward to helping your puppy develop good manners and behavior!


 $195 for 6 weeks (50 min. class each week)

Thur, 5/11-6/22 no class 6/11 - 11am (Maggie)

Thurs. 6/08-7/13 4pm (Maggie)
Tues. 6/13-7/26 4pm (Maggie)
Sat. 7/8-8/12 10am (Kim H)
Link Coming Soon
Sat. 7/8-8/12 12am (Kim H)
Link Coming Soon
Turs. 7/20-8/30  4pm No class 8/17 (Maggie)
Link Coming Soon
Tues. 8/1-9/12

Puppies with Aggression or Excessive barking will need to schedule a private lesson


Basic Obedience 1

Our Basic Obedience course is designed for dogs over 7 months old and adult dogs who are just getting started, aiming to improve their behavior and gain better control. In this class, we will focus on teaching essential commands such as SIT, DOWN, STAY, WAIT, COME when called, LEAVE IT, STAND, and FIND IT.


Additionally, we'll work on loose leash walking and introduce your furry friend to a jump tunnel and rocker board during socialization breaks.

Please note that if your dog has issues with excessive barking or aggression, private lessons may be a more suitable option.


$195 for 6 weeks
Mon, 6/5-7/25 no class 7/3. 6 pm (Barbara)

To Register Click Here
Wed, 5/24-6/28  |  5 pm (Barbara)
To Register Click Here
Thur, 6/08-7/13- |  5 pm  (Maggie) 
To Register Click Here

Tues, 6/13-7/25 no class 7/4 |  5 pm (Maggie)

To Register Click Here

Sat. May 13- June 24th   11am  No class 5/27 (Kim H.)

To Register Click HERE

Tues. 6/29 11am (Maggie)

Links coming soon

Tues. 7/8-8/12 11am (Kim H)

Links coming soon


Basic Obedience 2

For dogs who have completed Basic Obedience 1.  Building on the foundations laid in the previous course, this class focuses on developing formal heel, longer sit and down stay, LEAVE IT and figure 8 movements, as well as COME and recall with increased distance to work towards off-leash obedience.


Mon, 6/5-7/17 no class 7/3  |  7pm (Barbara)
To Register Click Here 

Therapy Dog Testing

TDI Therapy Dog International test.

May 13, 2023 12pm $45.00 (CGC test will be offered for additional fee)

New date for fall test coming soon

Click here to see test Items

For more information, and Test Requirements check out

Therapy Dogs International

"Sign up above"

Questions? Contact 


Canine Good Citizen Prep

Dogs should have taken basic obedience 1 or 2
A Canine Good Citizen (CGC) prep class is a training program designed to prepare dogs for the American Kennel Club's CGC test, which evaluates a dog's behavior and obedience in various everyday situations. The class focuses on teaching dogs basic commands, such as sit, stay, and come. The class also covers socialization and exposure to different people, animals, and environments to ensure that dogs are comfortable and well-behaved in any situation. By completing the CGC prep class and passing the CGC test, dogs can earn a recognized certification as a well-behaved canine citizen.
CGC Requirements 


Canine Good Citizen Prep 


5/24-6/28 7pm (Barbara)

To Register Click Here




AKC Trick dog novice & intermediate

Weds, 7/5-7/26 5-6pm (Barbara)

Testing Last Night

$140 per dog


Farm Dog Training Building

Weds, 7/5-7/26 6:30-7:30pm (Barbara)

Test 4th week

At a farm nearby

$140 per dog

Please email or text 425-772-0768


Private Training

Private 1 on 1 lessons available!

Social distancing in place. Mask required Meeting at local park or at your home.


$120.00 | 1 hour

Lessons  6 - 1 hour lessons $680.00. 

Virtual 30 minute lesson $60.00


By Appointment - call 425-772-0768


AKC Farm Dog Judging
& Farm Dog Certification Training

The AKC is dedicated to upholding the integrity of its Registry, promoting the sport of purebred dogs, and breeding for type & function. 

The Farm Dog certified test assesses whether a dog as the capability to perform as a confident working partner on a farm.  The test presents the dog with situations that would be typical for a farm environment.  The dog must demonstrate self-control, courage and trust in the handler. 


The Farm Dog Certified program provides an opportunity for all dogs to apply their basic training in a novel environment, demonstrating their natural capability and trainability to work in partnership with their human companions.

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