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Teen Playtime

Ages: 4.5 - 10 months

Size: Over 25lbs

Prerequisites: Must have completed or currently be enrolled in Puppy Elementary or Jr. High

4 week session

$100 - 4 WEEKS

Playtime is monitored for physical and mental safety, so everyone is having fun. Puppy Playtime is designed to provide a clean, safe place for puppies to play and socialize. Trainers moderate play as needed, and teach you how to moderate your pup’s play. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes that will stay on your feet because you will be an active participant in this experience.

  • This class is not appropriate for dogs with any aggression issues or excessive barking. Please check out our Private Training options for these dogs.

  • Puppies must be up to date on all vaccines including Distemper/Parvovirus & Bordetella

Register For Teen Playtime

First Day Of Class

Have a puppy under 25lbs and interested in playtime?

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