About Me

My first dog, and one of the easiest to train, Chelsea, a beautiful, sweet, Golden Retriever. She loved to please me, and learned obedience easily. She was so fun to train. She was quickly doing advanced obedience.  "Find it" was her favorite game, finding 47 tennis balls in a competition once, she was a lot of fun!


I have owned or had experience with a rescue German Shepherd - she was very smart - and protective; a pug who was smart, but a little stubborn; "Sweet Lilly" a rescued Husky;  another shepherd; our first Mastiff mix (also a rescue) who was hard to teach to "come" because he was always in trouble with his previous owners. He chased the neighbor horses, so when he came home he got yelled at, and then tied up. That took consistent positive reinforcement to teach him he could "come" and get treats, as well as praise. He was a good boy with some simple discipline and training.

I am actively showing my dogs and working towards therapy status. I also have a Rottweiler, "Luna" - she is amazing!  A Russian Terrier, "Inga" - she is a great obedience help and a sweetie.  "Bentley" our Bulldog is the bed hog. 

It is my passion to work with dogs, and I get to do what I love. I am so lucky, and hope to get to work with you and your dogs soon!